About CM Tech

In 1979, Carlos Moniz, now owner of CM Technical Support (formerly AB Tech Services), began working for a loudspeaker company called Acoustic Research at a factory in Canton, Massachusetts. He went from being a factory worker to owning a company that proudly represents car audio brands Dual, Axxera, Jensen and home audio brand Acoustic Research .Today his company has the exclusive responsibility of providing customer service and RMA solutions to each one of those brands. CM Technical Support started off as a small repair center for Acoustic Research and is now a booming call center with hundreds of calls pouring in from all around North America.


Our biggest brand is Dual which has a long and rich history in audio electronics. Its origins stem from 1907 Europe, where is started out as a turntable company. Eventually overtime Dual became one of the largest turntable distributors in Europe. Following WWII they expanded their business to have more than 2,000 employees and several factories all across Europe. Through the following decades they added audio cassette players, cd players and VCR’s to their product line up and started to become a well known name in the American markets. In 2002, Namsung America acquired the Dual brand and began manufacturing aftermarket vehicle electronics. This is now what the brand is most known for. They also manufacture similar products under their Axxera brand. In 2015, Dual added Jensen Mobile to its lineup, a brand that emphasizes quality and craftsmanship over everything else.


Jensen is our latest edition to the brands we cover. Jensen is a line of high end car audio equipment for all types of aftermarket solutions. Jensen is a brand that emphasizes quality and its history runs deep within the audio industry. The first loudspeaker was invented in 1915 by Peter L. Jensen. His passion for audio all those years ago has single handedly birthed the car audio aftermarket industry. Jensen is also credited with being the first company to make an aftermarket car stereo. This lead to the Jensen Mobile brand being the most successful car audio brand in the market. In 2004, Audiovox added the brand to their line-up and built-it up to an internationally recognized name in all aspects of the audio industry. Then in 2015, Dual Corporation obtained Jensen Mobile and since then they have added amazing value to the brands name. Jensen’s now one of the most common names amongst audio installers and car electronics enthusiasts everywhere.


Finally, our longest and most beloved brand of all, Acoustic Research Home Audio. This is a brand with such deep roots in the home audio industry that you can not meet an enthusiast or professional within the industry that does not know the name. This is a brand that made some of the most top of line speakers back in the 60’s,70’s,80’s and 90’s. Started by electronics teacher Edgar Villchur, the company started on specific patent for loudspeakers. The patent was for the  acoustic suspension principle which is standard for all modern loudspeakers today. This design solved the bass distortion problem that plagued the early days of the audio industry. The best implementation of this was in the, well regarded, AR-3 series speakers. This was their most well known unit and was regarded as one of the best loudspeakers to ever be created at the time. It was used by musicians, commercial audio, and concert venues around the world. It was so iconic that the Smithsonian Institute put the AR-3’s on display at National Museum of American History in Washington DC. This brand is ingrained into the audio industry and will be forever.

Our expansive portfolio continues to grow every year with more and more companies wanting to partner with us. We provide best in class customer service and common-sense RMA solutions that ellipse the competition’s.